Study approach


In 2020, the Referendum of the Datan algal reef in Taoyuan came under the spotlight. We started to carefully scrutinize the news on this petition and decided to delve into the backstory of the algal reef. But we realized that if we genuinely wanted to square up to environmental problems, it wouldn’t be enough to merely dig the information out of some news coverage. Besides, tons of people gradually had an incomplete understanding of the destruction of algal reefs because of some public opinion and information spread on news outlets and social media. For those reasons, we committed ourselves to deepening the algae issue, sharing its history and raising environmental awareness. Hopefully, people can be mindful of the algae reef ecosystem being destroyed; therefore, they will get involved in the protection of algal reef habitat.

Why this topic?

The magnificent natural wonder in Taiwan can be found nowhere else in the world. Ecological sustainability becomes important and, hopefully, we can make a difference. Unfortunately, there is a development project — liquefied natural gas terminal project. People have divergent views on the project; it, as a result, leads to a controversial issue. Our team aims to inform the public of the algae issue through our survey conduction and make them think again if it is necessary to destroy algal reefs when they decide to implement the project. The beauty of Taiwan is marvelous, but the development of the areas has made negative impacts on the environment. Human activity has left irreversible damage to our land and ocean. Hence, the issue of algal reefs is not a sharp oppositional value, but the protection of the environment. We MUST call attention to Taiwan’s land.

Research purpose

  • Understand the ecosystem of Algae
  • Using Cyber fair to understand the Algae Reef referendum development project
  • let this issue be attention by society